"All the earth will be filled with the glory of the Lord."




The Lord gave the Word and great was the company of those that published it.

What we do

Releasing the Word, Ways and Wisdom of God

Hidden Manna Publishing exists to assimilate, communicate and disseminate what God reveals to this generation through His Word and by His Spirit to the world.  This will include pure Scripture compilations on many topics such as The Bible Incorporated, Psalm 91, and The Lord's Prayer as well as revelatory teaching and inspiration for business and life, faith, salvation and the culture war.

This will be accomplished by every means possible including the printed word, e-books, blogging, apps, videos, memes, podcasts, radio, television, billboards, pamphlets, and any other innovation that can be commandeered for God's glory.

Pure Word

Many of the books and other content we publish are pure Scripture, compiled conversationally to address everyday needs.

Spirit Inspired

In addition to our line of Pure Word Products, we are introducing a line of Biblically sound, Spirit inspired teachings on a wide range of topics.


Not afraid to address the topics of today in the light of God's Word. Providing God's Word, Wisdom and ways to survive and thrive in the days ahead.

Customize our books with your logo and message.

fund raiser

For years, books like The Bible Incorporated, Psalm 91 - The Ultimate Shield and The Words in Red have been used as fund raisers on TV and radio networks, like American Family Radio, INSP, CTN, DOVE Broadcasting and more. As "Pure Word Products" they contain no opinion or interpretation. Only the pure Word of God coalescing around important life topics of the day.


Some of the business books authored by Michael Pink have been required reading in corporations, especially his book, Selling Among Wolves - Without Joining The Pack! Additionally, books like the Bible Incorporated have been handed out as corporate gifts to acknowledge a new business relationship or express thanks for doing business together.

Special occasion gifts

The Bible Incorporated has been a favorite gift item for Father's Day, Christmas and student graduations. The Mosaic series of books like The Lord's Prayer, Psalm 91 - The Ultimate Shield and The 23rd Psalm have been favorites for Bible study groups and home meetings.

soul winning tools

We have received countless testimonies of salvations from folks who gave or received one of our "Pure Word Products" as a thoughtful gift. Whole families have come to Christ and in one case an entire ward of troubled youth who were locked up, received Christ through one person sharing our book for youth, Tough Questions / Straight Answers.

why we do it

Who Else Has The 

Words of Life?

The Word of God is a lamp for our feet and a light for our path. The Word of God is also a person. His name is Jesus. He was the Word that became flesh and dwelt among us. And now, if you're born again, He lives in you.

One of the beautiful things about the fact that GOD really and truly lives in us, is that we have an open and continuous invitation to dialog and commune with the Godhead who now have taken up residence in us. (Colossians 2:10, John 14:23)

The writings and creations of Hidden Manna Publishing are meant to awaken the believer to the Truth of God's Word and walk in all the fullness He has to offer.

LIVE teaching, preaching and praying together online.

In addition to the myriad of physical and digital products we will be releasing, look for us on all forms of social media including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Rumble, Locals, Gab and more, where we will be hosting (where possible) LIVE teaching on the fresh words of revelation we hear from the Father who lives and dwells in us.


What they say

Jack Hayford

Chancellor Emeritus of The King's University

"Unlike some devotional aides, it is not simply a collection of scriptures on a given topic or theme, but Scriptures carefully woven together to give a beautiful flow of biblical wisdom and truth. I am pleased many are profiting from this inspirational resource.”

david shibley

Founder, World Representative, Global Advance

This pocket size, treasure-packed publication with its priceless information at your fingertips is worthy of highest praise. THE BIBLE INCORPORATED is a concise, valuable reference tool. The contents of this book have enriched my life with hours of easily accessible reference material."

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